Friday, 17 August 2012

The last few days

This morning my OH and i set off at just after 3am to pick my youngest from the airport,She was returning from a week in Ibiza with her boyfriend.
Once we got into the car we had to break the very sad news that we had had to have Mia put to sleep.....

Yesterday morning i was  up with the lark to go and sit with Mia,the injections the vet had given her earlier in the week had made no difference and with each passing hour we could see she was struggling and even though the vet had said they have a high pain threshold she was in pain you could see it in her eyes.Right to the end though her little tail attempted to wag even though she couldn't even lift her head anymore.
To say we are all upset is an understatement ,Mia came to us when she was 4 and died when she was 10.She lived an extremely happy and content life with us and will be sorely missed.Anyone that has ever loved a pet will understand the feeling of loss.DD rang me from her holiday half an hour after Mia had gone as i had to pick her AS results.She is disappointed in her grades and took the tone in my voice as i was disappointed in her too,which of course i wasn't ,i was trying not to let the emotion i was feeling come through and obviously didn't do a good job.I then had the next 24 hours to wait to explain.
Mia was DD's baby and at the moment everything s getting on top of her,She has had a crap year as well( you have read my story so she lives with that day in day out as well as dealing with her own problems)
So hopefully things will start to improve as I'm tired of saying things can only get better than more sh*t comes your way.
Positivity breads positivity so I'm trying to remain positive,its just so bloody hard at times.


  1. RIP Mia, she had a good life and was loved by you all, it's all an animal wants..... humans that care about them to call their own and you gave her that in abundance.

    So sorry for you. Take care.

    And tell your daughter not to worry too much about her grades, some of THE most successful people around have no certificates to their names at all.

    Sue xx

  2. Sorry for your loss, our pets are part of the family as well, so hard to see them go. Hugs to you Mom, sometimes it seems that things just dog pile on us.

  3. Sorry about Mia...but you gave her the best love her and let her go with dignity.
    Grades are not the be all and end all...your daughter will be just fine.
    Jane x

  4. So very sorry about Mia, it's heart rendering and know how you are feeling. We recently lost our two adorable sibling cats within a year each other and had them from birth 17 years ago. They were part of the family too. Your love and affection would have given her a perfect life and your memories will live on.
    Patricia x

  5. Oh my poor dear friend, I am so sorry to hear your very sad news. Hugs to you and DD (((((hugs))))


  6. So so sorry to hear your sad news about Mia...she had a lovely life with you and was clearly well loved. ((HUG))

  7. I'm so so sorry! We lost our dog before and it's hard because they are your family too. Hugs to you!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a terrible week you have had. I'm so sorry to hear about your dh's cousins wife, what a shock for you all. Very sad news about you dog Mia too, the house must feel very empty at the moment. Take care of yourself and the family, hopefully there are some good times around the corner for you all.x

  9. So sorry for you. I know how bad it is to lose an animal, they become part of the family. At least Mia had a wonderful life with you and she will have loved you as much as you loved her. God Bless X

  10. So sad - I was hoping she would get better. Sending you a big hug xxx

  11. hello, Just wanted to stop and leave a comment.. I lost my own beloved dog last week too.. My Sammy was just beautiful, almost 13, and the hole he has left beho=ind is huge. Even now, a week on, i get choked when thinking about him.

    So I know how you are feeling right now, as i am feeling the same