Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The end of a busy month

Wow where did July go....
July was a very busy,emotional and stressful month.Im looking forward to a much quieter month.We have had so many birthdays and of course Paris.

Yesterday as you all know my girls and i went to London to see Woman in Black.Our capital was very busy with a happy buzz.You see people of all nationalities milling around wearing their national colours.
We headed straight for Covent garden where we watched street entertainers and had something to eat.I was treated to cocktails and then we went to the theatre.Its a small theatre so you get a good view from all seats.Its a good show jumped a few times,bumped into someone we knew sitting in our row,how strange is that.Eldest daughter wasn't sat with us but befriended an American who is currently over here for work for 3 months.
Easy journey home but in very late.A lovely afternoon/evening.So thanks girls and thanks youngest daughter for arranging it all.

Debt busting is going fairly well as always i wish it was quicker but money is slow coming in at the moment.We are now below £1000 to the tax man so that's a nice feeling.
Late start to work this morning as youngest daughter has a hospital appointment to look at her feet,

Until later


  1. Glad you had a nice time. Won't be long, you will have paid "THEM" off before you know it x

  2. July was definitely a hard month for you! Hopefully, August will be a lot better.

  3. So glad you enjoyed. I must that it is a show I would love to see.

    Well done on the debt busting too.

    X x