Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Im still here

DD is now home from her holiday feeling cold, tired and suffering from the post holiday blues.I suppose thats one big advantage about not having a holiday....
Bank holiday went by quickly OH didnt work Sunday so we went to a lovely craft fair.Yesterday was spent catching up with DD and washing.

Hope you all had a terrific weekend,and i will be back when i have something better to say.



  1. Glad you are still there! I have to say if I waited until I had something interesting to say, I would be silent most of the time, hee hee!

  2. Glad she is back safe and sound. I'm still suffering with pots holiday blues so I know how she feels.

    Wasn't the weather pants yesterday? Typical that its beautiful today!

    X x

  3. I haven't had a holiday either :-( I'm glad shes home safe x

  4. I second what newgirly says LOL x

    Glad she's home safe and seems to have had a good time x