Monday, 2 January 2012

Can you hear that?

No i cant hear a thing either,it is silent in my house.OH went out with a neighbour to Portsmouth to an Auction as neighbour wanted a bit of company.DD and her boyfriend are going out to eat with BF family .So as i declared a non essential housework day,i have done a few things i wanted to do.

So far i have finished my 1st candle,it is now topped up and will be burnt tonight.
2nd. I read a diary on MSE who also does a craft blog on here.Well I'm not a great crafty person but i try.Crafty Fresian post a link to a tutorial on decorating candles. So i got a few of my basic supplies together and gave it ago.
This is my first attempt ,i suppose your imagination could run wild and you could do something freehand as well.

What do you think?


  1. I think you have done a good job, I wouldnt know where to start. I like the candle in the teacup business but again dont know how to go about it.It's probably dead easy and maybe I should go online and find out.

  2. It looks great! How fun - I might try it sometime. Perhaps a project for next Christmas.

  3. That is fantasic! What did you paint it with?

  4. Hi ng
    I stamped the image on a piece of tissue paper,coloured it with promarker pens. cut image out (not perfectly) dab some pritt glue on candle,place image on. wrap candle with greaseproof paper(holding it tort. gently heat image through paper and thats it all done.
    I will be trying some different stamps soon.I loved doing it,