Thursday, 19 January 2012


Not for me, we cant afford one again this year.My DD is going on her first girly holiday.We have been looking at all the best options available to her within her price range.
Its a worrying time but her siblings  did it so i cant say no to her.( even though as my baby i want to wrap her in cotton wool and not let her go anywhere without me at her side,)
Shes a good girl.
She is also going on holiday with her boyfriend about 2 weeks before.So its Ibiza at the beginning of Aug and Zante in the middle of the month.She has lots of saving to do.....

tonight for dinner i made burger and chips,all handmade,even made an American burger sauce( from the secret takeaway recipe book) It cost for 3 of us to have burger and chips (OH had 2) less than 1 burger and chips from the well known burger chain.


  1. Lucky daughter, 2 holidays! You can't beat homemade burgers and chips.

  2. I dread my kids going on holiday on their own, but as you say, you have to let go of the reins eventually. It's Conrwall for us again this year, I can't wait.

  3. It's hard letting them go, isn't it? Mmmm burger and chips sounds good xxx

  4. Hi! Just popped by to say 'welcome' as a new follower. Hope you feel at home whenever you visit!
    Jane x