Monday, 16 January 2012

Its a little bit closer....

If we are able to snowball into our mortgage after our loans are paid off,we are now 1 month closer to being mortgage free.
Tax man came today,went OK,which is a relief.

This morning before i went to work i had to take my youngest daughter for her theory test,it was scheduled for 8 am.No where to park so i dropped her off as close as possible so she could hobble in and waited down the road,First time in ages i was able to read for 45 mins undisturbed (bliss)
She rang at 8.50 for me to collect her and i could tell by the size of the grin on her face she had passed.
Dropped her home and then went to work.
My first clean ( 3 hrs) lovely couple,i could talk to them for hours.Today's topic was vegetable growing.He sorted me out some spare seeds how nice was that....

Cant wait to get planting..

Also cant wait to get to that crock of gold at least then the loans will be gone. I f I'm being positive i can say I'm alot better off than this time last year .


  1. You are edging ever closer to being debt free.Well done.
    Hope you are going to plant the seeds, are they flowers or veg? X

    1. All veg
      climbing french beans
      runner beans
      and cabbage

  2. It sounds like today was a good day for you and the family - great news. x

  3. how did you get into cleaning? do you work for a company or yourself?? fm xx

  4. Great day, glad all tests went ok
    Helen x

  5. runner beans are great to grow. it will be a while yet before you can plant them. start the seeds off in small pots, keep well watered when planted out and pick v regularly once they start to crop.

  6. Hi thanks for following my blog. It looks like we have things in common. I also run a cleaning business. Your profile reads similar to mine regarding your grammer. I like the fact someone else admits they make mistakes because there are so many articulate bloggers out there, its quite intimidating. Thanks Clare