Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Peter Pan...

My youngest granddaughter walked through my front door wearing a headdress she made at playgroup and making Indian noises.She complained that everyone at school were Indians and that there were no "lost boys".

Madz is obsessed with Peter Pan and wanted to play Peter Pan..My dd made a Peter pan hat out of paper and some swords out of paper and foil and we all took turns at being Hook.

It was noisy and fun but dd was pleased it was over as she is trying to revise for exams and as you will see she has notes stuck all over my walls to help with her revision.

I managed to cook dinner in the mini oven again, we had sausages , some of us had home made chips ,some mash,The mash was obviously done on the hob,.Hopefully i should notice the difference in gas consumption when i next do my meter readings.

Before the girls went home i helped my eldest GD do her Triops( see monkeys) they take a few days to hatch and are currently sat in my kitchen,What are these creatures?

Until later


  1. We have had triops many a time, usually received as birthday present from other kids, never have they hatched though so if they do please show us some pics as all I have ever seen is floating dust and I would love to know what they are supposed to turn into!

  2. Looks like you all had great fun.

    My youngest had sea monkeys when she was small. They are very strange tiny looking things.

    X x