Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today was the day....

Lidl 's home offers started today and after reading so much about them i decided to invest in a mini oven.
it cost £29.99 with a 3 year warranty,

More often than not cooking is for 2 people and as I'm trying to cut back my energy consumption i went down bright an early( before work) to get one.

So hopefully between this ,the slow cooker and the halogen oven,i will only have to use the gas rings....

I'm trying it out with a lemon drizzle cake....

My eldest daughter is coming for her dinner tonight,which is very exciting,Fingers crossed it goes OK.


  1. I bought a toaster convention oven last year that can broil, bake and toast. I love it and it also has a rotisserie. I love it. Very good investment.

  2. Hope tea with your daughter goes well. I only have a mini-oven. When I moved, I knew there was no gas in the kitchen so I had to have something to cook on, so bought one. I liked it so much I got rid of the full sized gas cooker I brought with me. Mine has 2 rings on top, and I cooked Christmas lunch for 5 in it. It seems to be much more fuel efficient - it heats up quicker and cooks faster - so keep an eye on things!

  3. Hope your dinner with your daughter goes well, I'll be thinking of you. Hope the lemon drizzle cake turns out well, let us know. Lemon drizzle cake is my speciality!

  4. Well it didnt turn out as well as i thought.I followed the instructions but the bottom of the cake burnt. Scarlet, what did i do wrong,it has 3 settings, top,bottom and both and fan on and off.
    what setting would you normally use

  5. I only use the fan if I'm grilling something. For cakes and bread I use both top and bottom , and put whatever is cooking as high up in the oven as I can( allowing room for it to rise). I keep an eye on it , and cover the top as soon as it looks cooked, otherwise it burns before it is cooked through. That's better than the bottom burning though. It is trial and error and I struggled at first as I've never cooked with electric before, let alone a mini-oven, but Christmas dinner was great and nothing burned( I turned the bottom element off to prevent the roast potatoes burning at the bottom whilst the cauliflower cheese browned off at the top). I have found that cakes and bread don't take anywhere near as long to cook as they do in a full sized oven , so have to adjust cooking times and/or cover the tops to avoid burning. Hope this helps - it's a bit of a ramble!