Saturday, 14 January 2012

Eating Out

I had work for a change today ( that's supposed to be a joke)
OH rang me to say my Clubcard Deal tokens had arrived as well as my DD's.
Let me explain during the week we both had an email to say Clubcard rewards now covered the Hungry Horse,a local pub restaurant.For £5 worth of clubcard vouchers you get £20 worth of vouchers for food.

So it was decided that we would eat out today with DD and her boyfriend,We didn't go to our normal one,(mistake number 1)

We chose and ordered,
Starters, mains and a pudding for DD and her Bf and drinks,it came to £49 so we had to pay £9.
We knew there was going to be problems when the starters came out at the same time as the mains, The mains were sent back.
The mains came out again later and were cold...
so i went to see the manager who was apologetic and said he would get them cooked again and gave us a round of free drinks.
Whilst waiting for mains the pudding came out.....
The mains were disappointing but i was ordered not to complain again...

I then asked for the pudding to come out . DD took one mouthful and found a huge hair in it,
We then decided to leave as enough is enough.Took it to bar and said it had been disastrous from start to finish.
I'm going to write and complain...

Our local restaurant which takes 5 mins to walk to is spot on,so I'm going to order some more and try again next month.

Its so nice to be back indoors,i love being at home,Its 17 degrees indoors but feels positively tropical


  1. Unless we have had it recommended we always find it best to go where you know and are used to.I usually find that if we try somewhere new to eat we end up saying if only we'd gone back to so and so's.Hopefully you will get an apology and maybe another voucher but then again would you want to chance it again?

    1. Hi Anne
      Just been catching up on your blog,
      No wouldnt go to same place again.