Monday, 9 January 2012

Dont know how realistic these figures are....

This afternoon i have bee trying to sort a few things out to see if I'm on the correct tariffs.

 i phoned up to see when my phone contract ends,its March but can change or leave from 15th Feb.
What i would like to do is keep my phone and do a sim only contract as this should drastically reduce my bill.

energy company my tariff ended on 6th Jan and i have been moved to a standard Internet one.I asked if there were any better options and the only one is a fixed 2 year rate and i would only save £16 a year based on last years usage,since I'm being even tighter with energy decided to hold off getting into a fixed rate until something better comes along or i shop around.

I entered my details into a mortgage calculator to see what they estimate the value of my property would be
(this is on

Here's the results

A property located in Outer Metropolitan which was valued at£136950 in Q2 of 2000, would be worth approximately £255196 in Q4of 2011.
This is equivalent to a change of 86.34%.

1st figure is what we paid and when 2nd is worked out by market values in area and how much they have gone up or down.

Its nice to see the figures but I'm realistic enough to know that a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay
and I'm not moving as if i was to downsize i would be paying about this much plus fees.
So I'm staying put and hopefully when my mortgage is paid off we can get a smaller property and pay outright for it.
I'm going to make use of my garden this year and grow more veg.

Now a question to all you clever people.
What can be planted now or in the very near future?
I look forward to hearing your answers.
until next time


  1. I really dislike the contracts that they make you sign up. I am looking for a way to watch TV shows on my computer without signing a two year contract with the dish or cable people.

  2. Parsnips and garlic can be started soon and you could start chitting some seed potatoes xx

  3. Thats a coincidence, we bought our house in Q2 2000 but in greater london, I have just been on the NW calculator as well and ours has gone from £120K to £246K.
    I did the same thing only about 6 months ago and it showed a value of £220K, surely prices have not shot up that fast ?!