Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day off( well sort off) Part two

We did go to my brothers , spent a lovely 2 hours chatting and drinking tea.

Had to pop to Tesco on way to drop ironing off as i had no olive oil for my spuds.

In the freezer section i noticed Christmas meats with no sel, i scanned them got a 3 bird roast and a turkey roast that serves 3/4 for £2.50 and a huge Turkey crown for £6.

I must not buy anything else as my freezers are full!!!!

Yorkshires were a disaster,....

Dinner was all done in mini oven and slow cooker.Beef was beautiful and we have loads left,which i have sliced and some will go in OH's sandwiches tomorrow.Will portion the rest and freeze it .if i can squeeze it in,,,,

Now my favourite programme has just started Dancing On Ice..