Thursday, 26 January 2012

I just want to pay you.....

As you all already know,I'm trying to pay off my OH's debts.Sometimes it easier to just go in and pay something over the counter.
Well not this time,the company involved bank with the same bank i think the Queen banks with.Well i phoned them this morning and was told i could go into any Nat West or RBS and pay.So off i trot and was told no i have to have paying in slips and you cant get paying in slips.Ahh so frustrating.

Debt busting  is slow ,I'm always looking for ways to make a bit extra or save a bit extra money.
Any ideas?

Tonight we had homemade pizza,I cooked a ham so we had a ham pizza.The rest of the ham will be used for tea tomorrow night and go in OH's sandwiches.

OH has finally brought the steps home so we are just about to put the Christmas decorations in the loft.
got to go
until later


  1. We all love home made pizza, its so much nicer than shop brought and half (if not less!) the price.

    X x

  2. Isn't it great when one item makes more than one meal? Makes me feel like I'm being really thrifty and old-school.

    K xx