Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day off( well sort off) Part one

Today i don't have to go to pub/hotel to clean ( yippee)(they didn't need me today)
I know its money but it means i can do a few things today.

I have a basket full of ironing to do for a customer but that should only take an hour or so.

So plans for today.

OH still in bed!!!!!!
when he gets up i shall shower and get dressed and start ironing.

Since i have been up Ive done some washing and hung it on the airer.
Emptied dishwasher.
Put very large joint of beef (on offer) in slow cooker for tonight's dinner.

Cooked some of the cocktail sausages i got last week(reduced) to ATTEMPT toad in the hole
Made batter mix for said toad in the hole and Yorkshires.
As i have said before Yorkshire puddings just don't come easy to me....

I'm doing all this in my mini oven.

and i made a few fairy cakes whilst cooking the sausages.

Hopefully at some point today we will go and visit my brother and sil.
Hope you all have a great Sunday and i look forward to reading all about it.
Until later

Must clean tiles they look shocking in the pictures lol (busmans holiday)

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  1. Sounds like you are on a roll today, have a great sunday!