Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th!!!!!

I was never seriously superstitious.always thought you made your own luck.Always tried to be positive.
BUT today is Friday the 13th
and this is what happened on the last Fri 13th

This was parked on a customers drive whilst OH and son were working around the back of the house.
Luck was on side in someways that day,Our dog used to go with them every day and sit in the cab and watch but it was hot that day and she was left at home.If she had been in the cab my son would have opened the door to get her out and fire brigade said he would have been seriously hurt or worse if he had opened the door,If it had been parked 10ft back or forward the house or trees would have caught fire too.

So today as i cant hide indoors I'm treading carefully.

Are you superstitious?


  1. Wow, certainly glad your dog stayed home that day and that everyone on the property were safe. Today will be a good day, think positive!♥ Popping over from Dian's Timpanalley blog.

    1. we were too
      the van was replaced but people and pets.....
      Welcome,hope to see you again here soon

  2. I had completely forgotten about it being friday the 13th! My day has gone ok though and hopefully yours has too.I do think you make your own luck and am not too superstitious(fingers crossed-hee hee!)

  3. Good grief they both very lucky. I hope this Friday the 13th has passed without any problems.

    X x

  4. Hi,lovely,thankyou for popping over at mine,Gosh what a terrible deal with the van,I'm so glad the dog didnt go that day,Gosh,hope all went smoothly today, after last year? I learned to crochet off youtube and recommend the lady that i learned Bethintx1,I can send a link if your interested?Just let me know,lots of love,juliexxxxx