Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dont you just love blogging...

I read a selection of different blogs everyday and find lots of different ways of doing things,new recipes and i love it.Some people are just so talented.
Well this morning with the help from the littleone we mad a cake from a recipe on a blog.
It was fun and she went wild with the sprinkles.

And it tastes delicious...
Need to get more margarine now to do more baking...

Ive managed to do some sewing  and washing this morning and its lovely to see it blowing on the line.

My solar charger is showing a bright green light meaning that it is charging so hopefully i will have some nicely charged batteries.


my washing dried beautifully  on the line,OH is cooking tea tonight.I'm going to carry on with my blanket and watch Dancing on Ice.

Hope you all had a wonderfully weekend


  1. The cake loooks delicious! There is no such thing as too many sprinkles.
    Jane x

  2. So pleased to read that you've had an enjoyable day. Simple pleasures! x

  3. My grandchildren A and E just love to bake and its usually the first thing they say when they come, 'can we make a chocolate cake grandma!'. Sounds a lovely kind of day to me.I have been doing a bit of sewing after getting all my jobs done in the house.

  4. Cake looks wonderful. I agree with Jane and Chris - no such thing as too many sprinkles! I, too, love blogging. I'm new to it and I'm loving all the help, tips, recipes, thoughts. I'm officially addicted to blogs (including yours).