Saturday, 21 January 2012

Every day seems the same...

I had work  again today, Wasn't allowed to start till 9.30,which is always hard as i work on my own on a Saturday and have to get the majority of the pub done before 11 am.
Well i wont bore you any more with my work day suffice to say it was long and hard.

After work i came home,Oh had walked to pick up our granddaughter the youngest who is staying with us tonight,

Maddie playing with her ball ( Mia hoping the ball will roll her way)

Popped to Tesco to get bread and milk and no reductions how disappointing was that.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow, I have a day off,no ironing ,no cleaning,I'm so excited.

Lastly just wanted to say thank you to old and new followers.

Until later


  1. Cleaning is very hard work, I have had a couple of cleaning jobs when my kids were little and boy did I earn my money(which was a pittance too). Hope you relax a bit tomorrow and enjoy your little granddaughters company, love Anne

  2. My mum was a cleaner - it was hard work. Enjoy your day off.

  3. Hope you're relaxing today on your day off. You deserve it after working so hard.

  4. My mother used to work as a cleaner and it was hard work with poor pay. The less you work the higher the pay its not right.

    Nice blog by the way, I've just found it today.

    Frugal freesia.