Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Little ones are home...

My Grandaughters came home yesterday from Scotland , so today they came to ours for tea with my son.

I made fish pie with some of the reduced fish i got last week.It was yummy and i have enough left for me tomorrow.
The girls are playing with all the toys they got for Christmas that were left with me,Playdoh puppies are being made and zubber bands.

Its been a horrible day today, windy and rainy .Looking forward to the weather being ok tomorrow so OH can go back to work,hes been off nearly 2 weeks now which means no money.

Hospital tomorrow with DD to see how her ankle is healing and to see if she needs an operation.Hopefully the latter want be necessary....

updated ticker,this is what is left to pay on the van and car loan.


  1. I' ve never had fish pie. Do you bake it and what sauce do you add in it?
    New Year wishes to you.
    Ruth from Utah.

  2. Hi Ruth,its very simple, i put all the fish in an oven proof dish (uncooked and in chunks) i poor over a tin of condensed mushroom soup and rinse the can out with a bit of water and then empty that on as well.bake in oven on about gas mark 3 whilst potatoes cook. once potatoes are cooked,mash and put on top of fish. i add grated cheese and a some crunched up plain crisps and pop back in oven until golden ontop.

  3. Fish pie sounds yummy.

    Hope your daughter gets on ok.

    X x

  4. It's lovely having the grandchildren around isn't it? Your fish pie sounds so simple, think I'll give it a go. Good luck to your daughter.

    Emma xxx xxx