Thursday, 12 January 2012


Life is tough sometimes at the moment its sh*t.

I'm working my but off to pay of my OH tax debt and sending them money every week and they are still chasing....They also are coming round to do a records check..not that they will see much, we lost loads when we were flooded a few years ago,so he started keeping receipts etc in his van.Last year on believe it or not on Friday 13th his van caught fire whilst parked in a customers drive and was burnt out and everything was destroyed.Luckily nobody was hurt and the property was undamaged,but we were totally out of pocket with the settlement.
So he will probably get into trouble for his record keeping,this has all snowballed because of him owing tax....and its not even a huge amount.

Sorry today I'm rambling ,the OH isn't overly nice to me at the best of times( just how he talks to me) I just wonder why i bother ....
DD is wonderful and keeps me going...she had an eye test this afternoon as she broke her glasses and even though her eyes aren't bad,if she strains her eyes she gets migraines. Because of her age,eye test was free and we had to put £25 towards them.Ready on Monday,just in time for her exam on Tuesday.

Until next time


  1. I listen to Radio 5 live and a few weeks ago the phone in was about the tax office. I think it was after the news that big businesses were being let off big tax bills, whilst people like you were being chased. It made heartbreaking listening. I hope things pick up soon, but it must be difficult if you feel that hubby isn't being as supportive as he should.Be sure there are people in blogland thinking of you and wishing you well. Hugs. x

  2. Sorry to hear your having such a tough time hun. Flipping tax gets your goat doesn't it!?!

    Sending hugs

    X x

  3. I agree with Scarlet too. If you are a big company or can afford an accountant you can get away with paying much less tax and it is so unfair.We just slog away and get penalised for every little thing.I am thinking of you and hoping things improve soon.Chin up! love, Anne

  4. Hugs, hope OH comes on board soon and that the Tax visit goes ok.

    Helen x