Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Purple cast...

DD's cast was causing her discomfort The sock inside had come away and kept slipping down inside her cast,leaving a very rough top.I phoned the plaster room up this morning and they said we could come down and they would make her more comfortable.

So after her exam this morning and a quick cup of tea we went back to the hospital.I seem to be spending a fortune on parking at the moment....
We didn't have to wait long,DD went in her cast was cut and removed a new sock put on.Original cast then put back on and bound in a purple bandage.I think it looks great.DD was more worried that she doesn't wear purple and it will clash with her clothes....
We went from the hospital to a large Boots as the 75% sale had started.Managed to pick up a few bargains to put away for Christmas and birthdays.
Until later


  1. I think its terrible that you have to pay to park at any hospital.Both Tony and I work in hospitals, Tony at one only, I can be sent to one of 3 different ones.We do have permits but the charges for staff are increasing regularly.Hopefully you wont have to be going much longer.

  2. Purple is the in colour this year. I absolutly love purple!

  3. Glad your daughter's cast is more comfortable now, but trust a teenager to worry how fashionable it is. I love the Boots 75% sale. I try to make it each year as there's some real good bargains to be had.