Monday, 7 November 2011

Why are simple things so complicated?

Today has been a frustrating day...and it all seems to stem from Banks!

First thing i wanted to do was pay a payment to a loan.didnt want to do it via online banking.
Just wanted to fill in a paying in slip and do it over the counter . How difficult is that!!!!!!! In the end i did have to do a faster payment via my account.

second thing DH wants to open a no frills account either savings or basic bank account, all appoimtments do not take into account you have to work... finally after a gentle winge managed to get him an appointment at 4 pm on wednesday.

Well rant over, after paying the money today i entered it onto my snowball account and if my dh doesnt stop me doing it our mortgage free date has now gone down by a month to 75 months,how exciting is that...but this will only work if we snowball the loan monies into the mortgage when they are paid off.DH thinks that once the loans are paid off we are going to be able to enjoy ourselves but just how good would we feel paying off the mortgage 7 years early.

I mentioned earlier that i stockpile, this is all done within my grocery budget and on avverage i spend £220 a month, 3 of us at home, dd's boyfriend on a regular basis who has hollow legs im sure  and i feed ds and grandaughters at least once a week.
well i though i would share a picture of one of my cupboards.This is the tame one. i darent show you the shelving unit in my bedroom ( cleaning and toiletries) as thats not a sight for the faint hearted.All items purchased are done with coupons on promotional items and studying MSE ...


  1. My cupboards look very similar, and my kitchen dresser held 20 bags of flour and 12kg of sugar at one point.I also have stuff stored in the attic room. Stockpiling means that I can live from the cupboards and freezer if I need to spend money on other things in a month. This month it's carpet and blinds for my daughter's bedroom.

  2. Hi, just reading yesterday's comments from you, I too would like to start knitting and quilting, I have a new sewing machine I don't know how to use and even bought some fabric to make a xmas quilt which is still in the bag a couple of months later, it maybe time to start.

    The kitchen cupboards look good to me, handy if you get snowed in!

  3. Newgirly,
    i got my sewing machine from Tesco about a month ago they had taken 90% off the price so i got it for just over £9. I have loads of good intentions but....