Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today im trying to be more upbeat

Even though inside i'm screaming,i am trying to remain positive....

Work was good today, i have some lovely customers and its always nice to have a chat with them. Start 2nd job properly tomorrow working Fri,Sat and Sunday.Hoping that i will have a cheque waiting for me for last Fridays shift as everyone gets paid on a Tuesday.

My daughter has gone to work so now i'm sat in my front room whilst dinner cooks with my candles burning,I have become such a tight wad when it comes to Gas and electricity usage.

Even though i have cut back drastically what i buy for Christmas i do still buy presents and today i was able to pick up lovely selection boxes they worked out at a £1 each and its full size chocolate in them...i do love a bargain.

Ordered part of my sons Christmas present yesterday he wanted a magazine subscription and i was able to get this with my clubcard rewards.

until next time

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  1. Pleased you have had a better day - good customers, cheap chocolate and a ' free' present courtesy of your clubcard sounds good to me. Chin up. Thinking of you. x