Sunday, 6 November 2011


Here is a picture of  a year of so's interest that i am paying on a/mortgage..b/car loan and c/ van loan.This is a snip it from my snowball account......and this is why i snowball and pad every day. i want it gone.Just think what you could do with this money alone each month.  I would take advantage of Groupons and DH and i could have a night away in a hotel every few months.

I have a couple of coupons to use in Mr T today ,I'm taking advantage of the 3 for 2 on spreads and preserves and baking products,we love peanut butter and to get it a bit cheaper is great.

I follow a few blogs on here and love some of the ideas it gives me, you are some clever people! i want to now knit tea cosy's.mittens,make gifts with drinking chocolate( currently a £1 a tub in co op). for Christmas presents,make a quilted throw the list goes on and on.
Have a lovely day


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  1. I bought the honey and peanut butter and stocked up on a few months worth of sultanas at Mr T with the 3 for 2 offer. I also got the elderflower cordial that was on offer with the coupon that I got through MSE which is for Christmas - it is our turn to host the family this year. I got several other things as well with coupons through MSE and went home happy : )