Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Living room has been Maddied!

The box of toys is always tipped out,she has balls from a ball bit which are thrown everywhere...the house is Maddied... They have gone home now so order has been restored ..well as orderly as i ever can be!

My online banking has been down all day today,it was supposed to be just overnight maintenance but its still not up.This has thrown me into turmoil as i haven't been able to PAD today.

As well as clearing up after the little one, i tried to get some order in my cupboards. I'm a bit of  a stockpiler , try and grab every glitch,offers with coupons that i can find.I t has meant that i have lots of things but it seems to work for me as my grocery budget has definitely gone down. I once again have MSE to thank for this .Today's glitch was cereal all with nice long sell by dates.

It is nice to see some people are following my blog,never imagined that would happen so a HUGE thank you and hope i don't bore you all.


  1. Hi, I dont find your blog boring at all. I do think this last couple of years has been a tighten your belts and make do couple of years, I feel especially sorry for my grown up kids with families of their own who are struggling.
    P.s. my email address is

  2. Not boring at all- I love finding new blogs and bloggers. I stockpile too , and am trying not to spend too much this month. It's great to just be able to get things from the stockpile instead of having to go shopping.