Friday, 11 November 2011

Please don't tell my children...

Im going to let you into a little secret,

I am trying to save money this Christmas on presents and one way i have done it is by getting free gift vouchers.
McCain have a website where you can collect spud shillings by doing various activities on the site. 500 spud shillings can be exchanged for items including a £5 voucher for places like Topman, Topshop.1000 gets you £10 and so on.
Its ever so easy , the vouchers if postal ones can take up to 30 days to come so running out of time now to get them before Chrstmas ,
DD also gets a terrific discount scheme with work,i can order a gift card for major retailers for say £10 and i only pay £9.
So thats what i have been doing for my chilldren , they all like hitting the sales after the big day.
Grandaughters are sorted, I managed to get loads of suitable toys in a non advertised sale and they had 90% off. I do surveys but only from one site and i get Amazon vouchers nearly have £30 worth so these again will be used for nieces and nephews.

Do you all spend a fortune on Christmas ?

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