Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I got a new job....

Today i had a working interview for a part time job and i got it 

I currently do cleaning and ironing but over the last few years i have lost a few customers due to the recession.I have applied for many many jobs but as i had been out of the loop for a long time didnt get them.This is a lovely little job which will enable me to do my own work as well and earn extra money every week,Im so pleased it will help debt busting no end.

Darling son and grandaughters have been around this evening to play and for tea, they have just left me and all is tidy again, heating off and lights off again.

I had a bit of time to kill whilst waiting for my interview so went to Tesco,
I saw on another blog i read, a lovely little Christmas gift think its called something like snowball soup.Well i want to do this and have been trying to gather all that is needed.Cones ordered,hot chocolate and buttons i already have but want i cant find is mini marshmallows. Apparantly Mr T has discontinued them as well as chocolate chips how silly is that?
Is anyone else making Christmas gifts?


  1. Congratulations! Great news. I'm making Christmas presents - knitted, sewn and cooked.

  2. Well done on the job, great news.

    This year I am making sock monkeys for my three and one for my Aunt. My hubby is a bookbinder and he will be doing each of the kids (and me!)a personal copy each of the first harry potter book.

  3. Newgirly what is a sock monkey?

  4. Its a monkey made out of a pair of socks! Google it for instructions or try searching mse, its not too hard as I can't sew and even I have managed to make two so far, I think you can make other animals from socks as well.

  5. Mini marshmallows are in Sainsburys but they're about £1.50 a bag. Although you get a good few!

    K xx