Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gas and electric bills

I woke this morning to find my Gas and Electricity bills in my inbox.
£104 for electricity (quarter)
£98 gas (quarter)

The electricity has had the remainder of my credit taken off so it would have been £14 more.
It still seems awfully high considering how careful i try to be and that its the Autumn bill/

I didn't send my daughter to school today, 6th form were the only people going in but we were told it was going to be a self study day,so i emailed the school and said it would be more economically viable for me not to send her.  4 miles each way so 16 miles in the car at roughly 20 p a mile saved.
My daughter studied at home .

1st December tomorrow cant believe how fast this year has gone.


  1. Hello,

    I love reading your blog and how you're finding ways to save money and I've given you the Liebster blog award. Enjoy!

    Emma xxx

  2. The Log cabin you might have to talk me through what that award is . Thanks though an award is an award even if i dont know what it is lol