Thursday, 3 November 2011


DH came home with a lovely bunch of my favourite flowers, box of chocs and a bottle of wine for me last night.
Now dont get me wrong as lovely as all these were, i wish he hadnt.I feel this money could have and should have gone to debt reduction.
I just cant seem to get him involved in it all, i keep a spreadsheet of every penny that is spent,i enter figures into my snowball account and i try and reduce outgoings so we can be debt free sooner.DH will moan its cold, dark and that we dont do anything....
We have always put all our finances together whats his is mine and vice versa but you ask him how much the mortgage, utilities etc and he doesnt have a clue.
I do wish we were singing from the same hymn sheet on this one.
Do you do it alone?


  1. Do I ever do it alone! I am in a very similar situation to you in that OH was a builder, but our company went under leaving us with a £18000 guarantee to repay to the bank (to cover the business overdraft). At the court-set rate of £100 a month I've worked out it'll take 15.5 years to repay - OH says he wouldn't pay it any quicker if he won the lotto, on principle. He is not willing to sacrifice anything in order to bring our debt down and sometimes it gets very wearing. I wonder why I bother at times.
    Love your blog!

    K xx

  2. That does sound like my dh,i said my new extra income will go straight to tax man and he says
    we have to have a life, but i just want it gone cant stand the worry anymore.Is your oh still building?

  3. Yes I feel the same there are times when I cook and he says oh I fancied domestic from the kebab take out or will just want ice cream this isn't good for him as he's a diabetic sight is bad and he has a long term viral condition that exsaserbates things. It's vexing as fax is the opposite. Rachel