Friday, 4 November 2011

Two special visitors

This afternoon i had 2 very special people arrive at my grandaughters.
They are staying with us tonight,eldest is 9 (not biological but loved the same) and youngest 3,
Fun has been had.

For tea we had lasagne which both girls love and i made cheese and onion bread which made a real change to garlic bread,

Whilst oven was on i made a lemon drizzle cake,

 Today has been a horrible rainy day which resulted in dh not being able to work.not good for debt busting.


  1. That looks so good. Glad you've had fun with the little ones.

  2. Hi it was a bit expensive £4.99 but if you send me your address via my email address, I could send you a copy of the pattern xx

  3. Hi there,just to say hello and thankyou for becoming my latest follower.I'm addicted to thrift too and crochet.I'm off for a look at your money saving ways;)take care,julie.xx