Monday, 14 November 2011

My Day

Today has been a fairly quite and frugal day.
DS went to a large Swedish store yesterday and i asked him to pick me up a couple of the cheap fleeces and some candles, when i asked how much i owed him he told me nothing as i do enough for him,these fleeces are going to line my last pair of curtains and the candles my source of light.

I spoke to my sil today as i think she hinted the last time i saw her about not buying Christmas presents, i kinda brushed it under the carpet when she said but its been playing on my mind so i just asked her today and she said maybe we shouldnt buy and just to get together instead. This is going to save me about £100. It feels strange but it will be better for all concerned.

This evening dh and i went to cinema another freebie, took our own drink so a frugal evening.

I know i have mentioned her before but in Frugal Queens blog she mentioned that her and dearly beloved work side by side to clear debts and fully support each other that is something i wish for more than anything it must make life so much easier....

64.53% of debt paid off( this is van & car )

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