Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The problem with my other half....

DH popped home briefly a little while ago,i informed him that his pin had arrived and asked where the card was as i want to check if the ppi cheque had cleared.
You would think i had just declared war!!!

When we successfully reclaimed ppi 3 cheques were sent to us, 2 in my name and 1 in dh's name.These came to a total of £4500, he has £2100 sat in this account,the rest has winged its way to HMRC AS PROMISED.
Well DH is now refusing to pay them this money.He hasn't had any money in for a number of weeks and his logic is well we need some money in they can wait.
We were given time to pay and they removed the levi off his van they wont be lenient a 2nd time.

I cant keep dealing with these things on my own

and to top it all my house is freezing

It says 17 degrees but it feels soo much colder, 1 good thing though at least when my bills are done at the end of this month they should be lower.


  1. I don't really know what to say, except that I agree - you shouldn't be doing this on your own. I don't really understand self employment and tax - but does his refusal to pay mean they can take his van away? If he needs that to work isn't he just shooting himself in the foot by not paying? Hope he sees sense and pays what he owes. x

  2. He is doing exactly that, they can take his van away thats why its so stupid

  3. Oh what a tricky one! What is he planning on doing with the money, is it to pay for the bills and mortgage or is it just him wanting some control?

    Sorry,I have no advice to help you, fingers crossed he sees sense, good luck.x