Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cold Today

I sometimes moan to myself whilst at work that I'm too hot but it was cold indoors when i got home.I have been doing more housework just to keep warm.
Dinner is in the slow cooker we are having chili con carni tonight.

I popped into the supermarket on way home as i knew an offer was starting on toilet roll.Buy 4  packs for £3.50.
SEL clearly stated this offer on the classic white and cream so picked up 8 packs and the offer didn't kick in,it only took off the buy 2 for £3.50, so as this particular supermarket offers double the difference if you are overcharged,i got the money back which resulted in free toilet rolls.So look out for these labels when shopping could save you a fortune.

Ive also started entering the puppy points as well on their website ,might get a nice freebie.

Hubby got a cheque drawn up for the taxman so I've now got that to post off to them,bit less than i hoped but not much i can do about that now.Should get paid this week from 2nd job so that's a bit more that can go to them.
My son and hubby popped home briefly this afternoon and i gave my son some flavoured milk to take home,he finds it hilarious( and prob a bit embarrassing) that i pick up things  and use coupons or reductions.
He will learn .....

I know there are alot of clever people in blogland and i need some advice.
Towels ,i know your not supposed to use fabric conditioner on towels but how are you supposed to get nice fluffy towels if you don't tumble dry? One of my customers purchased some special stuff that revives towels but its £7 a bottle so i wanted to see if anybody had cheaper alternative

(hopefully this ticker is now correct)