Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Today i made...

Yesterday i read on Frugal Queen's blog. she was having fish pie because she was feeling poorly.
It set my taste buds going and as I'm trying to empty my freezer ( desperately needs defrosting) it was decided that is what we would have for tea.
DH normally moans about fish pie but he enjoyed it... Inside my pie was a basic white fish and salmon,mixed in with a tin of condensed mushroom soup.Topped with mash and grated cheese and served with green beans
yummy.... and i have some left over.

Whilst my oven was on i made a batch of twinks,

Managed to pay £40 to HMRC today and padded £4 to other places.I write everything down on my spreadsheet and on my snowball account and even though the amounts are small i love seeing the figures going down.

And lastly i have managed not to be timed out on two surveys today, i have enough in my account for a £20 Amazon voucher and working towards my next £10,these are Christmas presents for some members of my family.

Nearly forgot to say i went to see Machine gun preacher last night ( freebie) based on a true story, made me cry in places.


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