Thursday, 10 November 2011


After i finished work today i went to purchase some needles to make some mittens, the instructions say 4 x double ended needles in 2 sizes.I asked assistant if it could be done on a circular needle and she said yes no problem.
Well i have just found out she is wrong and when they say you need 4 you do need 4.So will be exchanging them sometime over the weekend.Such a shame as i was so looking forward to starting them.

My son and his partner are coming for tea tonight hes asked for spag bol  so that's what we are having much to my hubbies disgust.Picked up a couple of bargains today.Lasagne sheets 17 p a box ( and not value ones either) and some trays that scanned at a 1p. also got 2 tubs of utterly butterly on bogof and had 2 coupons for 30 p each so didn't think £1.20 for 2 tubs was bad.

Managed to pad £15 today so now paid 64.47% of our debts, yippee.

ps im freezing glad im off out in a mo,its warmer in the car.....

Picture of the tray


  1. Disappointing about the needles. I'm knitting mittens on just 2 needles at the moment. Great news about the debt reduction and food bargains though.

  2. Trays of what for a penny?!

    K xx

  3. trays that are suitable for carrying things on ,or putting your dinner plate on and having your dinner on your lap ( does that make sense)

  4. Nice looking tray! Can you use some for a Christmas present? I love getting a bargain like this - it really cheers up my day : )

    Well done on the debt reduction too.