Monday, 21 November 2011

Ive been awol..

Not too much happened this weekend, i did a basket of ironing for a customer on Saturday and worked my 2 nd job on Sunday.That was a killer, 1 pub cleaned and 10 rooms beds changed, bathrooms & rooms cleaned and all linen laundered.My back knew i had done this,they use a cylinder vacuum and i really miss using my own upright cleaner.

After work today i had to pick my daughter up from school ( she finishes at various times now shes in 6 th form) and we went to the cinema 2 pm screening of Breaking Dawn part 1

.First time i have had to pay for the cinema in ages.Didn't pay full price though,we both have an insider card and at the moment they are doing half price tickets Mon to Thurs.5 people were in the cinema. I enjoyed the film, I've read the book, sad i here you say!!! all i can say is i wish they hadn't split it into 2 films, 1 would have been so much better.
Took daughter to work then home to cook tea.

Had a nice light tea of chili wraps, they were yummy.

Wish i could say more on debt busting paid a little more , i suppose every little helps.
My Clubcard token came today for me to get my sons Christmas presents, a magazine subscription from my clubcard vouchers.Just have to fill the form in send it off and he will get Classic Rock delivered to his door for a year.

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  1. Blimey, no wonder you have a bad back, thats way too much on your own!

    Glad you enjoyed the film, my dd got so excited when I dropped her and her friends off at the cinema to see it friday that they fell over in a big heap on the way in.