Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Bargain shop

As i mentioned earlier i had to get DH a new phone so i went into a well known supermarket and managed to get one for £19.99.I also managed to get the above bargains,all baking items are currently on 3 for 2 so £1.04 for 3 bags of flour all with a very long use by date.The glue sticks were 37p each and the tights scan at wait for it 4p a pair.All honey and jams and choc spread ,syrup etc is 3 for 2 so ideal if you bake.


  1. Looks like you are going to be busy baking. I love baking but darent do too much or I would be like the Pilsbury dough man, cant resist a cake! The tights are a great bargain, I wonder who is responsible for the pricing of the tights though. Maybe you should have got more and put them on ebay!!

  2. Great bargains - love the tights! I do a lot of baking but, surprisingly, don't have one of those particular supermarkets close to home!

  3. I am making the most of tesco's 3 for 2 at the moment, i am doing a big baking hamper for my eldest, and also stocking up on bread yeat and bots, am making another visit today x