Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Non eventful day

Today has been a non eventful day,It consisted of school run ,work, school run then taking dd to her boyfriends,finally getting back indoors at 6pm just in time to start making tea.
Cooking from scratch isn't always appealing lol.

I stole tonight's tea idea from Frugal Queen, she showed a lovely sausage plait and as i had sausages that needed using up.I used home made onion chutney as well and even though i do say so myself it was delicious.

Just also wanted to say a big thanks to Anne for sending me a lovely pattern for mittens, 
till tomorrow

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  1. Hi Lisa, Glad you got the pattern! I'm afraid I havent had an eventful day either. Went for a walk but my toe was hurting like mad when I got back and if that wasnt enough have got a headache. Hey ho hopefully better day tomorrow x