Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today being a Tuesday we have visitors,Grandaughter's are over, dinner was shepherds pie, which i prepared earlier and hubby put it in the oven so when i got home it could be dished up.

We have been making shadow puppets on the wall as Maddie found my torch in my handbag.Asked eldest grandaughter what was on her Christmas list, the cheapest thing was a bike!!!! i think she is going to be disappointed this Christmas as neither of her parents are able to buy anything off the list..

Did an extra house clean today so that's some extra pennies going into the debt clearing funds.
Really cant wait to be debt free and mortgage free.

one other bit of news was talking to hubby about getting his road tax and looked at my car parked on drive and couldn't see my road tax disc, its disappeared! phoned DVLA and was told need to either do it by post or go into an office, said i would go in tomorrow as i have a quieter day but they are on strike, DVLA said i wont get into trouble with them but check with the police,they said i could get a fine if I'm stopped depending on the police person involved. I have to just hope for the best and try and get it done Thursday or Friday.


  1. That sounds like a lovely day, what could be nicer than shepherd's pie and granddaughters?
    I have two granddaughters and a grandson and they're all so cute. Congratulations on the budgeting, I live on a very tight budget and have really learned the value of things. If my finances ever change at least I know I won't waste money anymore on things I don't need.

    Take care,
    Emma xxx

  2. my lbm was at the beg of this year, in that time i have managed to change my spending habits,a year ago i could easily spend £400 to £500 on shopping a month , now i average £200 and we eat well.
    I have signed up to your blog The log cabin