Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy 80th Birthday FIL

Last night we had a very enjoyable evening out.

My father in law turned 80....and mighty fine he is on it.Mother in law wanted to take us all out for a meal .
It was expensive but lovely and we all had a lovely evening. Afterwards we went back to my sons for a quick cuppa ( well guess who was designated driver?) and birthday cake.

Little one helped her mummy make the chocolate one.

I don't have work at my 2 nd job today, found out yesterday. So i have just got to do ironing for a customer which will be collected today and will go back tomorrow after work.  DH work has gone abit quite so hes not working today ( i hope it picks up soon , another of the joys of being self employed you have to source your own work)

Debt busting is still ongoing
Entered my meter readings onto my energy suppliers website,it then tells you how much you owe since your last bill.My new bill is due in approx 10 days time and it says at the moment i will owe them just over £100 for electricity and about £30 for gas.I am trying to be soo frugal with my electric but the bill still seems really high.I cook with gas,gch.Obviously doing alot better with the Gas side.But any ideas on how to further cut back on my electricity consumption would be gratefully received....


  1. Is the bill for a quarter or a month? If its the former I would say that is really good and I have no suggestions, today I have my heating on for a change and its so nice to not have an icy nose!

    Glad you had a good night out x

  2. Its for a quarter, it seems alot to me when i feel i have cut back so much on my usage.
    Im just being a tight wad x