Friday, 25 November 2011

Pay Day!!!!

Worked my butt off today at 2nd job,its getting easier now i know what I'm doing .
I was kind of excited but still dreading getting my pay cheque

and when i did get it it was like an anticlimax.
I worked 14 hours 50 mins and took home  £54, tax is the killer, but he ho its £54 i didn't have before.....

Dinner is prepared, i had a packet of finest meatballs left which were on promotion, think weight for weight they worked out cheaper than value mince.
Well as we had meatballs earlier in the week i decided to squish them down and make burgers,which will go in the Hovis part baked rolls i got free with coupons, a very frugal tea.

I have put my foot in it again with hubby,he was telling me how much money he is picking up this evening and i know when he last got paid. well i said to him that our son is earning more than him at the moment with none of the extra outlay( son works with hubby) no petrol, road tax etc.
Now don't get me wrong ds deserves a life but so do we and if things are tight should it be just us that carry the can.DS is not employed by hubby .Well hubby was not happy and has stormed off.

Well that's enough of a rant,i will try and post a pic of dinner later,have to take dd to her boyfriends in a mo,

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