Saturday, 26 November 2011

My freebie arrived

About 9.30 last night we had a knock at the door,2 parcels were handed over.
One was a present for dd2 the other was my freebie

how excited was i.....
I have to try it and then log what i think. I have a number of samples which i can send out as well so if any of my UK readers would like one if they email their address i will post one yo you.

I Wombled 2 receipts when i took my daughter to Asda yesterday, 1 i got a voucher for 97p the other i got the £5 bonus voucher so now have £5.97 off a £40 shop,must look for more lol

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for finding me and for your comment over at mine. I know I had a moan about Telford but everytime I go somewhere else, it always feels like home when I get back. I suppose that does mean something. And the town centre is fantastic, they have a big santa's grotto every year. I'll take photos soon and post them.
    Take care,
    Emma xxx xxx