Friday, 18 January 2013

Well it ca

My Tesco delivery.My shopping made it through the snow an apparently my lane is horrible.

The snow has fallen for most of the day now although i have only been out in it to see that my chickens were ok.It does look very pretty but im hopping it goes soon or at least by Monday when DD has a full day of exams .

My day has been spent baking,blanching some veg to freeze and sorting out the contents of another freezer before adding a few new bits from my Mr T delivery.

I have also caught up with a couple of programmes i missed,one of which was last nights Tonight programme on food waste did anyone else watch it?

Im trying to be good but now im going to try even harder....

Ive listed 2 things on ebay and 1 already has a bid.

Ive done a bit of knitting

so all in all a good day



  1. What lovely snowy pics.Our village is all hills so no chance of getting to main roads.Already done food shop so we will survive. Our chickens did not want to come out today, don't blame them, gave them extra bedding so they were nice and cosy. Lots of hot chocolate by aga most of the day.

  2. Your pictures are lovely,we only have a tiny bit of snow at the moment, although the school still sent the kids home early!