Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tonights tea

This evening DD and i had homemade kedgeree for our dinner,this is the recipe i followed

I had the fish in the freezer,i used a reduced price piece of smoked cobbler and everything else came from the the cupboards .A very frugal and tasty dinner.OH is having a small piece of steak as he doesn't like kedgeree.
It is actually a nice feeling using things up and knowing what meals are coming up.

More shocking news announced today ,Blockbuster going into administration.In the last 5 weeks 16400 people have lost their jobs.What is our country coming to and how will it get better that's what worries me.It is one vicious circle,we all cut back don't hire dvds,buy music and this in turns makes business's fold.
Another one that i only found the week before Christmas is Rosspa, similar to approved foods but sold fresh food as well.Delivery was super quick but a little bit more expensive.

I know i have said this before but we( personally) have been affected by this recession since 2008 four years of hard struggle.Nobody is safe anymore.What job/career could you now class as secure i cant think of any.

well rant over

stay warm

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  1. I don't think any job is safe now, if I'm honest as you aways have someone willing to take your place.

    X x