Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Gift

I was gifted a ball of CanCan wool ,this is the kind of wool you can make a frilly scarf.
The instructions on the label aren't very clear so you tube came in handy.
And voila a lovely looking scarf that was so easy to make and only took a few hours altogether to make.

I am going to give this to my lovely mother in law for Mothers day,DD( eldest has informed me that she would like one so I'm going to use some of my paypal money to buy another ball of wool.

My budget is going quite well at the moment (good job really with all this non earning weather we are having)
Petrol has been reduced drastically this month which is fantastic.I worked it out it costs me 20 p for every mile i do so even though its not always ideal if i am working near school and i finish with an hour or so before DD finishes i wait i park up and read a book.Its 6 miles from home to school so I'm saving myself 12 miles of journey and i get the opportunity to read.



  1. Your scarf has turned out lovely. I have done a couple of similar ones for presents and the recipients were very pleased.

  2. I've never heard of can can wool before but your scarf looks lovely.

  3. lovely scarf and such a nice present to receive too. Like your you time in the car, real chance to wind down and destress x