Friday, 25 January 2013

The wonders of Poundland

I have for a very long time sung the praises of Poundland.I don't go on a regular basis normally once a month.
Today's  trip i was able to get Highlights hot chocolate,Weight watchers snacks (3 for £2) Pizza Express Tomato base and La Tasca sauce(3 for £2)
Andrex toilet tissue 2 rolls for £1 ( i know you can get cheaper but it is very nice toilet roll)

Tonight's tea was homemade pizza and homemade coleslaw.OH is having sausage and mash as he seems to be moaning about everything i cook lately,so until hes a bit more grateful for what i serve up I'm just cooking him basics like sausage and mash,shepherds pie .He has moaned at risotto,chicken pie( done with mash as he doesn't like pastry) curry.All homemade.


  1. Goodness me you're a saint!! You would wear it if you moaned about the cooking here ! The food you're doing sounds delish...I can be there in 40 minutes to eat his portion for him if you like Hahahaha

  2. yep agree with above post,

    If OH doesn't like what you make let him fend for himself, he'll soon learn to shut up then I'm sure x

  3. You cant beat Poundland for lots of things. We try and pop in monthly and I always try and compare the prices in the supermarkets.Its amazing how much money you can save.

  4. Sounds like a good deal. I think you're being very patient with your OH!! Jx

  5. I love all the cheap shops, they stock a lot of brand names too, it's amazing what you can get.
    If someone moaned about anything I'd cooked then they would get two choices - take it or leave it ! I don't 'do' faffing around with picky eaters I'm afraid, he who is hungry will eat ! good for you though.