Saturday, 5 January 2013

Early start(but not as early as usual)

Last Monday i had work,i left at 8.45 am and neither my OH or my daughter got up to say goodbye.
I hear you all say whats the problem and there shouldn't be one really except this upset me.I get up especially to see everybody off even if i don't have too.I get up at 5 am to chat with DD and make her a drink if she starts work at 6 am.Same for OH.I ask to be woken(not that you sleep properly anyhow) when DD gets in from a late night out.Just so i know shes in ok and had a good night out.
So childish as it seems it hurt me that nobody thought of me and as this year is going to be more me,i didn't get up at 5 am this morning,DD came into me at 5.30 to ask who was taking her and i came down at 5.40.DD has the right hump with me as its something i always do and actually enjoy doing but sometimes you just feel people take you for granted because you do always do things.

Things are still a bit strained with DD we had another discussion yesterday over her being back with ex but i am going to keep quite about it to her.I will just rant in the privacy of my blog.
I feel so terribly sad as i see already that she will not be going out with her friends to soley be with him,she blames exams so i will wait and see if after her exams have finished she does see them but i have a funny feeling that she is going to see alot of her room whilst with him.


  1. Yep, I know how you feel about being taken for granted.It is also hard to stay silent when you see them with people who are 'toxic'. I have learnt that I need to let them make their own mistakes and not say I told you so. I guess the question is will they learn from those mistakes.

  2. I suppose sadly your DD will think you didn't get up because you were cross about the BF situation and not because you were treated that way on Monday. Hopefully you explained it to her but I suspect not as she probably didn't even bother to ask. My heart goes out to you as it really is difficult to stand back whilst they make life mistakes, as I've said before all you can do is be there for them when, (and sadly they probably will), things go wrong again.

    Granny x

    1. i know you are right but even though everybody else does it as a norm,when i dont do something its noticed then im wrong.When my DD needed to go to a local market,i went with her now she is back with ex ,hes going.Tomorrow im off to cinema on my own to see a film preview,How sad am i.x

  3. Hello my lovely, hope you are feeling a bit better after taking yourself off to see that film. You'll have to let me know how your mushroom growing went, I'm considering it too, I love mushrooms :)

    I'm the same as you, in RL I put myself out for others all the time, which always seems to go unnoticed but accepted all the same. The one time I do something marginally for me all h3ll breaks out and I get dragged down by the ungratefulness of it all.

    Keep your chin up my dear and remember that we are here to support you.

    BTW, how is your lovely new grandchild coming along x

    Granny x