Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Blues

I'm suffering from the January Blues,everything and i mean everything that normally would float over the top of my head is annoying me. Mountain and mole hill  spring to mind.

Today my son and his partner and of course Isabelle came over for dinner.I cooked for 6 and my daughter text me 1/2 hour after we started eating to say that she wasn't coming home for dinner.I now have a huge amount of food left over which will have to be reheated to eat again tomorrow.Normally this wouldn't have bothered me but today it did.I have also snapped at her because she has done no revision today .So I'm putting it down to the January Blues....Or I'm becoming a grumpy middle aged woman.


  1. I know what you mean.I went shopping the other day,
    had to rather than wanted to, and the crowds were like Xmas all over again.Could'nt wait to get home
    put my p.j's on and shut the door to the world.
    I know I'm a grumpy old woman and I don't care.

  2. The only thing to do when your kids reach a certain age is to protect yourself from feeling this way. Tell them or remind them of things once and then let them take the consequences if they don't listen or bother to act. It's the only way to teach them anything does work, but you have to stick at it.

    Use the leftover food for todays meals not necessarily for her, or just freeze them for a later date.

    And...there's nothing wrong with being a 'grumpy old woman', I'm there at least once a day!!

    Sue xx

  3. I had almost the same "discussion" with my youngest today. Yes definitely the winter blues for me.

    Hope your week is a better one.

    X x

  4. From one grumpy woman to another--welcome lol.

  5. I can so relate to this. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment, is it the weather or my time of life? I really don't know. As for the revision thing, I've got one taking A levels and one in year 10 taking some exams towards her GCSE's, talk about stress!

  6. I think Sue's advice is bang on the money, otherwise you will just wear yourself down with it all. I can understand how annoying it must be, especially when you are trying to be frugal but sadly the young just don't seem to get it. If I was a grand-dad instead of a Granny my name would be Mr Grumpy!

    Granny x