Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rubber Chicken

Tonight my eldest DD came over for dinner.Her budget is tighter than an elastic band so i like for her to have something she really likes for tea.So OH and DD had steak and mash which she loved.I had Chicken Risotto and this was the first time i had ever made it and it was delicious.

So now my chicken has done

Chicken pie
1 pint of stock
Chicken Risotto
2 leg meat frozen into 2 meal portions
and 3/4 of a cooked breast sent home with my daughter for her lunch tomorrow
That was £4.50 well spent.

I cant help my daughter financially but i could send her home with a full belly and some essential supplies
and my love ,lots of it



  1. Definitely £4.50 well spent.

  2. Same here. We feed No.1 son up when he comes home. We never stop worrying do we? :)

  3. It's a job we have for life.

    p.s. any news on the fox?

  4. What a lovely Mum. My daughter will be going to Uni this year and she has already requested food parcels..