Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Waste and decluttering

My war on waste is going well.Last night OH and DD did eat the left overs from Sunday plus a neighbour had a plateful which i had hopped to eat when i got back from the cinema.The meat couldn't be reheated as it had been cooked then frozen and reheated once already but nobody complained to me.

Lack of money is certainly helping cut back on the grocery shopping but if I'm honest its not a problem.we are eating well and we really do need to empty some of the cupboards and freezers.

I'm also trying to declutter a few things every week from my house.This isn't going as well.I gave a couple of books to one of my customers who was extremely grateful.I put a few things on freecycle got great response but nobody is actually coming to collect.


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  1. I'm still trying to be good and not waste food, but it is hard as my children don't like the same.
    I will keep trying as this year I must save money.