Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Frugal Goals

I am trying very hard to eliminate food waste and be more organised.
One of my customers has given me a sheet of magic white board,This sheet sticks to any service and is easily removed.
I cut an A4 size sheet and put it on the door above my chest freezer.I then went through my freezer and wrote down everything in the freezer and quantities.As i use or add i mark the sheet with my whiteboard pen.
This hopefully should help me with my next stage,meal planning.I can see what is in the freezer and meal plan accordingly.
Hopefully this in turn will reduce my grocery budget and then i can get push that money in other directions.

We must start eating eggs for a meal more often as well.We are still getting 3 eggs a day from my girls and as I'm off cakes etc at the moment a nice omelette for tea one night wouldn't be a bad idea.

DD is all excited tonight she has just been out and booked her summer holiday with her girlfriends,so glad she has done this,10 girls and 1 boy all going to Crete after A levels.


  1. Hi nto, have you made spanish omlette before? My mil taught me (she is spanish) its good as it is better cold so nice for picnics/packed lunches.

    Lots of very thinly sliced potatoes and 1 onion fried, then beat eggs (6 for a small frying pan, 10-12 for a large) add 1 tea spoon salt and pour eggs over the potatoes and onions, cook until set nearly all the way through then take off hob and out under grill until browned on top.

  2. A white board is a brilliant idea, I had a printed out list and somehow it has all gone to pot.

    I think I'll start again with your idea once I get the freezer contents to a more list-able amount.

    Sue xx

  3. Meals with eggs are great. Frittata. quiche, omelette, good old egg and chips,eggs on toast for lunch or breakfast. Make your own mayo. Google egg recipes and you will get loads of recipes xx

  4. I like the whiteboard idea. :)