Thursday, 17 January 2013

Im ready for it

As everyone already knows as us Brits love to talk about the snow,

we are expecting a couple of inches of snow.The country will grind to a halt and it will be the main topic of news but I'm ready for it....ready in the sense I'm not going out.I have  done tomorrows jobs today and i have taken ironing back to its owner.

I have done an Internet shop which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow.

I don't have to do a school run so I'm staying put and hopefully it will all be gone by Monday ready for work again on Monday.

Now wheres my knitting......


  1. I'm done the same. My shopping is already packed away, just in case. I know if we get snow in Cornwall we do not go anywhere.Have animals so will just have to wrap up.

  2. Yes its here!!! Snow snow and more snow. Thankfully like you I am not out today and glad to be snuggled in at home x

  3. Very sensible. I got my bit of shopping yesterday just before it started snowing :-)

    Sue xx

  4. Thats pretty much my plan of action too! Tony went to the supermarket and did our shop earlier.

  5. Sounds like a plan! Enjoy your crafting. Jx